If you're taking on a significant project on your residential or commercial property, hiring a trusted and experienced general contractor should be your first step. A good general contractor should be able to provide you with a wide range of services from task delegation and project organization to paperwork. A general contractor will act as the conductor of your project, ensuring that the process is smooth and timely. Also, an experienced general contractor will have a vast knowledge base, they will have learned from mistakes of the past and be able to help you avoid problems on site.

The general contractor you hire will play a very influential role in the overall success of the project, so do your research before doing business with a specific team or individual.

Here is a quick breakdown of all the services a general contractor should be able to offer you.

Surveying the Building Site

Before any building project can commence, those working on your property need to have an idea of the construction site. One of the first tasks of a general contractor will be to assess your building site, check for hazards, and understand how the remodel or construction will come to fruition. The initial site assessment is important as it will set the tone for the rest of the project.

Working with Property Owners to Get an Idea of the Project

No two property owners are the same and any general contractor worth hiring will take a personalized approach to every project. They will work directly with property owners to understand their overall goals, address concerns they have, and make a detailed project plan. The plan will include a list of necessary materials, what kinds of subcontractors need to be hired, the overall budget for the project, and more.

Creating a Construction Schedule

The timeline of your construction or remodeling project will depend on its scope and how long you're willing to wait for its completion. A general contractor will break down the project and give you a realistic expectation about when you can expect each stage to be complete.

Staying on schedule is crucial to the success of your building project and your GC should be able to help you do that.

Scouting and Hiring Subcontractors

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a general contractor is access to their network. Most general contractors will not complete all the work themselves; they will need the support of talented subcontractors to execute plumbing work, electrical installations, painting, and more. Instead of having to scout out and hire all these experts yourself, a general contractor will already know who to call, and they will be in charge of recruiting these teams and coordinating with them.

Ordering Materials and Renting Equipment

Ordering building materials and hiring out equipment is one of the most important and busy parts of any building project and when you hire a general contractor this becomes their job. Once the GC knows the kinds of building materials you want to use, they will take measurements of your space and order the quantity you need. They should also be able to hire equipment or source it at discounted rates using their connections in the industry.

Applying for Building Permits

To avoid legal issues, having a building permit is essential. In our experience, many property owners get overwhelmed by the paperwork that can go into completing a building project properly, but this is where your general contractor comes in handy. Not only can your hired help complete this part of the process for you, but they have experience doing so, meaning you'll get the right permits to protect your property and the surrounding environment.

Delegating Tasks and Managing Workers

Once the project is underway your general contractor will oversee its completion. They will make sure that subcontractors are on track to complete their jobs and that materials are delivered and installed on time.

With the support of a general contractor, you can feel confident that your hard-earned money is being well-spent and your time is not being wasted.

Site Security

If nobody is living or working on the property during construction and renovation, you'll need an extra layer of security to protect the space. Your general contractor will talk to you about the best security methods, which may include putting a lockable gate around the site, installing temporary security cameras or alarms, or hiring a security agent to watch over the site outside of operating hours.

Setting Up and Maintaining Temporary Facilities

If the project is significant enough, it may be a good idea to set up temporary facilities on your property. This may include office space for project management or toilet facilities that can be used by workers. It is the duty of your general contractor to decide whether these facilities are needed and to set them up and maintain them until the project is complete.

Waste Management and Disposal

Similarly to facilities, every construction site will require waste management and a regular disposal plan. Your general contractor will ensure that dumpsters are present on your property and that workers know how to use them. They will also ensure that all waste material is cleared up at the end of every day, and disposed of before it piles up.

Communicating with the Property Owner

When you're completing a significant building or remodeling project you want to ensure that your voice is being heard and understood as the property owner. A good general contractor will prioritize communicating with you. They will let you know how the project is progressing and when changes need to be made. They will make you aware of any issues that arise and ensure that everyone working on your project understands your vision.

Ensuring the Project's Overall Quality and Success

Hiring a general contractor can make or break your project and directly impact the overall quality of the results - so don't hire just anyone. Do your research and hire an experienced team with good reviews, great resources, and a real passion for the job-a team like YCI INC.. Give us a call to discuss your project and get started today!