Are you thinking about painting the inside or outside of your home? Are you trying to decide whether to hire a professional or take on the project yourself? YCI INC. always recommends skipping the DIY approach and hiring a painter who will bring you beautiful results. From saving time to increasing the market value of your property, here are our top seven reasons why hiring a professional painter is well worth the money.

1. Time Savings

If you've ever taken on a DIY project in your home, you know how easily projects can get away from you. Life's distractions have a way of encouraging you to finish up the job another day and before you know it you have a dozen, half-finished projects in your home.

If you've decided that a fresh coat of paint is what you need to spruce up your living space or exteriors, why not get the job done and enjoy the benefits right away?

A professional painter will prioritize your painting job and get it done quickly without cutting corners. Most painting projects can be finished in a few hours, or at most a few days. You'll be delighted by how quickly it can come together.

2. Money Savings

Many people assume that the best way to save money is to complete projects yourself but this isn't always the case. It is all too easy to spend money on paint and make unnecessary mistakes in the process which can lead you to redo your work. Hiring an expert painter can, on the contrary, ensure that all the money you spend on paint and supplies is being used appropriately. The bottom line is that hiring an expert will help you get the best bang for your buck and avoid unnecessary problems along the way.

3. Insurance

Professional painters are licensed to complete any painting job and they have insurance in case hiccups occur on the job site. Any unfortunate damages to your property will be covered by your contractor's insurance company—not a luxury you have when you complete a DIY painting project.

Coverage will vary depending on the painter you hire so be sure to discuss these details with the contractor before the project commences.

4. Prep Work

You can't just grab a can of paint and throw it on your walls - well, you can but you shouldn't. A good painting job will require a bit of prep work and a professional painting company can ensure that all necessary preparation is taken before they begin the painting process.

Prep work may include:

  • Cleaning and preparing the walls
  • Filling in holes
  • Protecting the floors, furniture, and other surfaces from paint splatter

5. Design Inspiration

Painting your home is a big change and you want to carefully consider your options when doing so. A professional team will understand what kind of paint colors could suit the age and style of your home and give you design suggestions. They will also be able to help you consider how your paint will look at different times of day, and what color would work best on your accent wall.

6. Quality

Ensuring the quality of your painting project is perhaps the most obvious benefit of hiring a professional. While anyone can pick up a brush and paint a wall, a high-quality paint job will require a steady hand, attention to detail, and proper equipment. While it may be easy to overlook, the kind of brushes, rollers and paint you use when painting your home can have a significant impact on the final result. Any painting company worth hiring will be knowledgeable about the industry's best equipment, and bring what they need to complete your job seamlessly.

7. Property Value

You always want to consider how your property value will benefit from completing a home update and painting is no exception. While you may wish to paint your home a bright or bold color, finding an option that is satisfying to you and universally appealing could be better. Painting experts know what kinds of paint colors are trending and what property buyers prefer.

Having your home professionally painted will also ensure that the job is done correctly. Dedicated home buyers will know a shoddy paint job when they see one, so don't risk their disappointment; instead, get in touch with a painter you can trust.

Considering the potential for increased market value when painting your home could save you thousands of dollars when it comes time to sell your property, so why not put in the effort of hiring a great painting team?


Now that you know just how beneficial it is to hire a professional painting company, you may be wondering how to find one. Here are a few quick tips on scouting out and hiring the right painter for the job:

  • Read online reviews
  • Get recommendations from friends and neighbors
  • Ask potential candidates questions about their insurance, the kind of paint they use, what projects they've completed recently, and how long they've been in business
  • Don't cheap out. When it comes to hiring a professional painter, you get what you pay for. This doesn't mean you'll have to blow your budget but be mindful of deals that seem too good to be true.

YCI INC. is proud to be one of the most trusted painting companies in the local area and we would be thrilled to help you with your next big paint job. Whether you are looking to paint a few rooms in your home, or if you want to transform your exteriors for maximum curb appeal, our team is more than equipped to handle any job. We offer our top-quality painting services at competitive rates and always go the extra mile to make sure our clients are thrilled with the results we deliver.

If you'd like to learn more about what we offer or to book an on-site consultation with our painters, connect with us by phone or email at your convenience. We look forward to helping you paint your home!