Reasons Building a Home Addition is Better Than Moving

Many people can appreciate the desire to want to live in the perfect home that offers adequate space, enough rooms, and an ideal living situation.

If your current home doesn't provide these things and you’re contemplating moving into a new, more suitable home, know that there are other affordable and practical options. For example, building a home addition can not only solve the problem of your living situation, but it also keeps a lot more money in your pocket than purchasing a new home will.

YCI INC. has many years of experience building new home additions, and as a contractor with hundreds of happy customers, we can assure you that this is a great option. Aside from the obvious money savings, it brings many other benefits that we would hate you to lose out on simply because you’re unaware of them.

If you're in a home that you’re generally happy with and can see yourself living in it for many more years to come, this article is written for you as it will explain why you should choose a home addition vs. moving into a larger space. Let's take a look at why building a home addition is better than moving and how we can help you.

Make the New Space Your Own

Buying a new home takes time, and finding one that checks every wish list box is nearly impossible. You can be happy with the design but sacrifice space or have the space you want in a home that doesn't represent your style. The solution to this is simple—build a home addition that’s designed entirely by you.

If you hire YCI INC. to build you a new home addition, we’ll invite you to partake in the project's design phase, leaving you completely in charge of the specifications and structural design. Doing this allows us to build a space that’s a perfect manifestation of your vision, offering you precisely what you're looking for. Whether you need a new bedroom, a bonus room to cater to guests or your growing family, or a parent suite, you can count on us to build it into reality.

An Investment with a Lucrative ROI

Finding the perfect neighborhood to live in can be difficult if you have a long list of preferred communal amenities and require one with a low or nonexistent crime rate and growing property value. Suppose you found a neighborhood known for all these great things—we don't recommend trading it in merely for a little more space. What we do recommend, however, is adding a new addition to your property if your home is getting a little squishy due to a lack of sufficient space.

If you're currently living in a desirable neighborhood, building an addition will not only provide you with the space you're looking for, but it will also entice future buyers to place high bids on your home. This is a triple win for you because it saves you money from purchasing a new home, provides a solution to your problem, and acts as an investment that will produce a lucrative ROI if you ever sell your home.

Saves You Money

Aside from the mental stress involved in selling a home, there is also a monetary price. If you don't have a down deposit, you’ll need to dip into your current home's equity, movers aren't cheap, realtors and lawyer's fees add up, and new home renovations are often required. When all is said and done, you’re looking at a high cost to change locations.

If you're looking to relocate to a new home for the sake of having more space, consider choosing the cheaper route—building a home addition. We can build you an addition that’s a mere fraction of the cost of relocating, and the great thing is that you’ll have precisely what you're looking for in terms of space and design. If you’re like most other homeowners and are working within a budget, we can design a blueprint that doesn't exceed it and covers all your specifications and design requests. Living in a space you love shouldn’t come at a high price, which is why we offer a cost-effective alternative.

Make It Easier to Sell Your Home in the Future

Square footage is one of the few non-negotiable requirements on every homebuyer's list. If you currently own a home with all the fixings except space, you could run into issues preparing your home to be competitive on the market when you sell it. Adding a new home addition will add substantial space to your home, increasing its selling value and making it more appealing to buyers.

When we're hired for such projects, we recommend considering the resale value when designing your space. For example, suppose you extend your living room to make it bigger with an open concept or build a detached backyard suite. In that case, your home will automatically become competitive and have increased value—two things all selling homeowners want. If you opt out of building a home addition and move to a bigger home instead, you risk missing out on cashing in on its sale in the future.

Bottom Line

As discussed above, choosing to build a home addition comes with many immediate and long-term benefits. YCI INC. has been in business for years, and we see firsthand the many benefits our customers enjoy from hiring us to enhance their property with an addition.

Whether you need square footage added to a room in your home or an entirely new room built, we can take care of it for you. From start to finish, we handle it all and ensure the finished product will deliver on your expectations, increase your home’s value, and make your home more appealing.

If you enjoy what you read and are ready to save money by adding space to your home rather than moving, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our crew at (757) 871-8691 to schedule a consultation.