Do You Need to Hire a General Contractor?

Are you thinking of building a brand new custom home? Perhaps you’re just looking to renovate a part of your home, like your kitchen or increase your living space in the backyard with a snazzy patio.

It is common to wonder, when venturing into such endeavors, whether you should hire a general contractor, a specialized contractor or if you should attempt the project on your own.

It is wise to research this before deciding on your mode of operation. YCI INC. has been working with property owners like yourself for years, and we’ve witnessed the things that go wrong along the way. With our experience, we have put together a short list of reasons why hiring a general contractor benefits your task(s) at hand. For more specific enquiries, call us at (757) 871-8691, and we will be happy to help you out.

Here are some reasons why you may need to hire a general contractor:


If you’re heading the construction project yourself or only hiring a specialized contractor, there are a host of administrative duties you would need to undertake. For instance, you would need to spend some time inspecting the credentials of any and all laborers and subcontractors that you choose to pay for the project. A thorough vetting process is necessary to ensure you are not ripped off or end up getting a shoddy job or incorrect installations of crucial components.

When a general contractor is on your case, they can handle all necessary duties like clockwork. They probably have a team of qualified subcontractors and laborers on their roster waiting to be enlisted to your task. But they also ensure their crew has the appropriate experience, licensing, and insurance to participate in your project. Finally, they will handle payments to keep the crew and yourself a happy bunch.


When you’re attempting to renovate your space on your own, due to inexperience, you will need to spend a lot of time researching the elements of service and products the project needs and finding the right subcontractors for the job.

As well, trades workers are known to offer priority to a general contractor they’ve worked with previously. With an unknown homeowner acting as the general contractor, they don’t know the scope of the job or how many guaranteed hours of work they will have, and hence, this falls at the bottom of their priority list.

Overall, with their connections to contractors, vendors and the industry in general, general contractors can perform the same task in a significantly reduced timespan compared to yourself.


Despite time-consuming research and operations, you will notice that your project’s stated budget almost immediately goes overboard if you’re attempting a do-it-yourself job. From supplies to handymen to acquiring permits and working accurately to adhere to building codes, a wide array of factors would increase your expenditure to mind-boggling levels.

However, a general contractor can source such materials and labor at a fraction of the cost you would spend due to his connections. Fortunately, this will also off-set the extra management fee you’re forking over for the general contractor’s time.

Compensation for Risks

A broad range of risks is involved in any construction project. During the work, potential damage can be unknowingly inflicted on workers and property alike. A homeowner would not necessarily know how to deal with such situations.

A general contractor will have a proactive approach to compensate for any type of risk should it occur at your site. From sufficient worker’s compensation insurance to liability insurance, they make sure to possess the right policies and sanctions and supervise all work to keep everything abiding by state code. They also maintain a detailed record of all activities just in case such incidents happen so that the insurance companies and authorities can have a report ready to send out.


It is essential to have adequate know-how and experience in the construction industry when you seek to undertake a project. The sequence of activities that need to happen, how long each of them should take, and what permits they require are all crucial factors in getting the job done correctly.

A general contractor will know the arrangement of tasks to build a home or renovate a space. They can coordinate the activities and labor accordingly. They will also have a deep understanding of the type of building codes to stick to, permits to obtain, and other relevant legislation that governs the project at hand.


When an issue occurs during the project, all involved parties usually begin pointing fingers at someone else. However, the general contractor will take responsibility and accountability so you can have peace of mind. They understand the nitty-gritty of projects and, when things go awry and are quick to learn what went wrong, what can be done to fix the issue, and move on to resolving the situation at the earliest.

Experienced with Complications

The more expansive your project is, the higher the chance of complications developing along the way. With an experienced general contractor on your side, you probably won’t even learn about the complications, or when you do it is after they have been already taken care of. While they may seem like unexpected problems to you, the general contractor has dealt with them before to implement robust solutions so everyone can rest easy.

Professional Project Management

When a general contractor is on your case, you are rest assured to have professional and punctual services and a one-stop shop for all your construction needs. From plumbers and carpenters to cabinetry workers and other specialized subcontractors, you needn’t worry about hiring, vetting or keeping them on top of their job, so your expenditure is minimized.

Leverage YCI INC.’s vast experience in the industry to your benefit this season. Connect with us at (757) 871-8691 to get expert advice or to hire a skilled general contractor for your upcoming project.

Our experts look forward to hearing about your project and bringing your vision to life, be it a small renovation or a full home build.